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Clothing is an important part of our lives. When you look good, you feel good. But our lives are complicated so we want clothing that makes sense, clothing that is easy to wear and easy to care for. My fashion philosophy remains grounded in the same principles that originally inspired me when I first started designing: elegance, simplicity, authenticity, and comfort.

What you choose to wear says something about your view of the world. Many customers want a garment that reflects how they feel about life and its richness and diversity. The clothes I design are for women on the go, who are socially conscious, who love to travel, entertain and socialize. They appreciate tasteful clothing and quality workmanship. They want classic garments but with an edge, garments that they can wear in many different situations and feel well turned out. It was with this concept that I founded Iridium Apparel.

None of this would have been possible without our wonderful team members who are committed to making sure that we deliver a product that we are proud to offer you. Our thanks to them for their dedication and commitment. And a special thanks to all our Iridium customers who share and support our clothing philosophy.

Daphne Lee O’Donnell


Iridium Apparel

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Iridium prides itself on using biodegradable, natural fibers such as cotton and alpaca. We use natural materials for most of our buttons. Our use of tagua nut buttons, known as vegetable ivory, provides an alternative to cutting down rainforests and is a perfect example of our commitment to the environment. We also use natural shell buttons to complement our beautiful fabrics.

Iridium embraces a tradition of natural materials that is reflected in our style. Our socially conscious customers appreciate our global concern and share in this experience by wearing clothing made from quality materials manufactured in a fair trade environment. Iridium Apparel’s contracted factories follow accepted international standards, ensuring the quality of life, and the health and safety practices that all workers deserve. Our corporate philosophy demands that we operate well within fair trade guidelines. We are confident that
everyone involved in creating the high-quality fashion we offer is receiving fair compensation in a healthy environment.

Our clothes are made to last and we hope they will bring you pleasure for years to come.


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