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Iridium is a boutique company that designs clothing for women who love style and comfort. Our collections comes in an array of colors with a fashion that reflects a casual lifestyle and an emphasis on natural fibers. Women want to look and feel beautiful. Clothing can be empowering and it is our goal to design and create clothes that give you that confidence. We want you to love and wear your Iridium clothes for years to come.

Our production is done in Quito, Ecuador, a beautiful location high in the Andes Mountains. The fabrics, as well as our finished garments, are the products of legally constituted, medium sized factories, whose employees enjoy all the benefits of international labor guidelines relating to wages, abolishment of child labor and working conditions. We also work in Lima, Peru producing a line of fine Pima Cotton garments and Alpaca sweaters. The quality and design of the fabrics available in Peru make it an ideal place to create these beautiful clothes.

Our customers love their Iridium apparel more with each wear. The convenience of being able to machine ‘wash and dry’ these garments is an added benefit. As a customer, you will be spoiled by the comfort and quality and drawn back each season to add new pieces to your personal collection. You will also love that your newest pieces will coordinate with Iridium garments that you have collected from seasons past. If you don’t already own any Iridium clothing, start now. You’ll love it.

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